Determination of ranitidine - HCl in pharmaceutical formulations by kinetic spectrophotometric and flow injection - activated chemiluminescence methods .


Abstract This study involves development of a simple kinetic spectrophotometric method and a new flow injection-activated chemiluminescence (FIA-CL) for the determination of ranitidine -HCl (R-HCl) in pharmaceutical preparations.Spectrophotometric method was based on the oxidation of the R-HCl with alkaline potassium permanganate , the reaction is followed spectrometrically by measuring the rate of change of the absorbance at 600 nm. A fixed-time (at 30min) method is adopted for determining the drug concentration . The calibration graph was linear in the range of (1 - 7) μg-ml-1 with a correlation coefficient of 0.9981,detection limit of 0.183 μg-ml-1 and a relative standard deviation RSD% of 0.58-1.62%. The method of FIA-CL was based on the activation of luminol-cobalt-H2O2 chemiluminescence by R-HCl. The linearity is (1-6) μg-ml-1 with detection limit of (0.75) μg-ml-1 , and correlation coefficient was 0.9996 (n=6) and the relative standard deviation was (0.74-1.00)% . The two methods were applied successfully to determine the content of R-HCl in pharmaceutical preparations with a recovery of 97-99 %