Assessment of facial proportions in a sample of Iraqi adults with normal occlusion


This study aimed to evaluate the facial proportion in a sample of Iraqi adults usingPeck and Peck analysis and to verify the presence of genders differences.60 Arab adult subjects (30 males and 30 females) having normal skeletal anddental relation and acceptable facial profile were chosen for this study. Eachindividual was subjected to clinical examination and digital true lateral cephalometricradiograph in the natural head position. The radiographs were analyzed usingAutoCAD 2007. Descriptive statistics was obtained for the variables for both genders;independent samples t-test was performed to evaluate the genders difference.The mean values of the facial, maxillo-facial, naso-maxillary, maxillary and totalvertical angles are nearly similar in both genders with a non-significant difference.There is slight increase in the nasal angle in females and mandibular angle in maleswith a significant and highly significant genders difference respectively.Both genders showed proportional faces, although there is slight increase in thenasal angle in females and mandibular angle in males.