Sero-Conversion to Measles Igg-Antibodies after Measles Vaccination among Infants, Iraq/Baquba.


Objectives : This study was conducted for estimation of association between Parent's , infant's characteristics & mother's characteristics , with serocoversion rate after measles live virus vaccination among infants aged 9-12 months .Subjects and Methods: A cross –sectional study, was conducted in a selected primary health care centers in Diyala Governorate. The study sample included 117 infants (56 males & 61 females), aged 9-12 months, selected at a random during their routine vaccination, for the period extending from the 1st of February/2007 to the 31st January/2008. Anti measles IgG antibodies (Abs), were detected in the serum by Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay, using "Dade Behring" standard test kit. Results: The results revealed that the mean & geometric mean measles IgG Abs titers, before measles vaccination were negative (cut off= <330 mIU/ml). After measles vaccination, the mean changed to a positive value (cut off= >330mIU/ml- <1909mIU/ml), but geometric mean titer remained in a negative level. Significant association was limited to few paternal, maternal and child's characteristics with measles seroconversion. Conclusion & recommendations: The study concluded that the main effect for seroconversion, was vaccination with measles vaccine rather than parental & infant characteristics, and recommended empowerment of strategy for health education for measles vaccination.