Investment environment in Iraq (investment contract Najaf International Airport a model)


It is no secret, especially experts the importance of investing in the contemporary world where it became the most important foundations built on the basis of the legal system and economic development of countries with conditions similar to the Iraqi scene now, for this study came to talk about the investment environment in Iraq, with tow focused the first is the legal framework investment and regulation in the Iraqi investment law in force No. 13 of 2006, we attempted to address the texts of which help to provide a proper investment environment than those that do not provide that, while The second axis deals with contract investment of Najaf International Airport, and study in an analytical as a model to determine the extent to which texts legal in the law of investment with the investment environment prevailing in the country now is it a magnet for investment or not. That the investment environment should not only be achieved, to ensure the budget thus serving two interests collided, the first interest of the investor in the recruitment of his money invested material or moral easily any provision of the means of encouragement for investors in terms of benefits and exemptions good provided by law, and the second the interest of preserving the sovereignty of the Iraqi state and to prevent investors without access to a quick profit at the expense of providing basic objectives of the investment in state-building and Ammarha and the advancement of the economic reality. This budget is not only through investment laws with drafting the proper legal and technique legislature and with the legal philosophy discreet that would ensure a balance between these interests opposing, and generally, in fact, such as the Iraqi reality should be given to the investor as much as possible of the privileges and exemptions with no prejudice to the sovereignty of the Iraqi state.