The Impact of Customer Relationship Management Model in health Performance quality Improvement


This study is forwarded to an attempt building a sample for designing health services in Basra hospitals as suitable for the relationship with the philosophy of administration with the customer.Thus, this sample deals mainly with three basic changes.They are the strategic adhere with the needs and expects of the customer , the good care evaluation for the customer and the design of the health activities as suitable for the needs .Throughout consulting some specialists opinions with the health deal by Using a questioner of the researcher which is distributed on some doctors and specialists in Basra hospitals for (200)questioners' and (20)questioners for each hospitals in Basra which regarded as manufacturing for the health information (91) questioners has been given back which are good for analysis .Thus, this study reached after doing the statistical syntax( analysis) throughout exercising the data on the statistical computer programs (spss) to an idea that care of the health institutions with researched .The proposed sample change was under the required level for applying the opinion of the relationship with the customers the level of global health organization .This study reached a recommendation that it needs to submit the hospitals administrators for philosophy and administration with the relationship with excellent customer because it represents the axle of sources of the developed in situations .