Matlab SimulationDesign and performance Comparison of OFDM &FH-OFDM Systems


AbstractSingle-carrier techniques are vulnerable for fading and multipath propagation. Recently, multicarrier modulation (MCM) or OFDM have received considerable attentions andhave made a great deal of progress in world. Also spread spectrum techniques are robust against fading and interference. In this paper a non-coherent FH-OFDM system is proposed to improve the performance of OFDM system in multiuser interference. This system is examined using two differentschemes of hopping pattern, namely, Random FH (RA-FH) &Revolver FH (RE-FH).The comparison indicates that RA-FH is more efficient than RE-FH and conventional OFDM for multiuser interference.When compared with previous works that depend on Cluster hopping (CH) Diversity System (DS), the proposed system possesses BER of less than (0.001)for six interferes with high SNR.Keywords: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), Frequency Hopping OFDM (FH-OFDM), Random FH (RA-FH) and Revolver FH (RE-FH).