Numerical Study of Heat Transfer by Natural Convection of Porous Layer Using Non-Equilibrium Model


Abstract This numerical study documents the phenomena of heat transfer by natural convection in thermally non-equilibrium porous cavity for Darcy flow model. The cavity is heated from below at constant temperature with keeping the upper plate isothermal . The side walls were assumed to be thermally insulated. Finite difference method has been employed for discretization of governing equations which include a Darcian momentum equation and energy equations for solid and fluid phases. An iterative Guass-Seidle method was applied for determination of final solution of governing equations. This investigation was performed under the effect of the following non-dimensional groups: modified Rayleigh number , scaled heat transfer coefficient and thermal conductivity ratio . The non-equilibrium is found to be affected by scaled heat transfer coefficient more than being affected by the thermal conductivity ratio. So It had been noticed that all Nusselt numbers are affected by the thermal conductivity ratio, while the effect of scaled heat transfer coefficient was confined to a solid phase Nusselt number.Keywords: Porous Layer, Heated from Below, Thermal Non-equilibrium Model