Experimental Study of Lift/Drag Ratio Enhancement Using Continuous Normal Suction


AbstractAn experimental work of continuous normal suction from the wing upper surface effects on the aerodynamic forces is carried out, as well as, the effect of normal suction slot channels location and the mass flow rate sucked strength are involved in this study. The wing model with NACA-0015 has been made to achieve normal suction from the wing upper surface by means of four slot channels. The satisfaction of the suction is done by using vacuum pump. The tests are to be done for incompressible flow over wing with and without a continuous normal suction for three different angle of attack 8, 12 and 16 Deg., and for three different Reynolds numbers 13.6×104, 20.4×104 and 24.5×104. The results showed that the continuous normal suction can significantly increase the lift to drag force ratio, and this ratio is increasing more as the strength of the suction increases.Keywords : Aerodynamic – Incompressible Flow – Boundary Layer Control – Normal Suction– Experimental work – Lift and Drag Coefficient