Bubble Size Distribution In Gas-Liquid Dispersion Column


The present work investigates the effect of; superficial air velocities of: 1, 3, and 6 cm/s for two types of perforated distributor on hydrodynamic characteristic in a gas-liquid dispersion column of; air-water, and air-aqueous-n-propanol solution. Bubble distribution, gas holdup, and power consumption are parameters take in consideration. Experimental work was carried out in perspex column of 8.5 cm inside diameter and 1.5 m height. Two types of bubble generator (perforated plate) were fixed at the bottom of the column; plate A (99 holes of 0.5 mm diameter and free area of 0.34%), plate B (20 holes of 1.5 mm diameter and free area of 0.62%). Photographic technique was used to measure the bubble parameters.The experimental results were represented by two empirical correlations. The gas holdup and the Sauter mean diameter of bubbles were correlated with both the power consumption and the hole diameter of the perforate plate.