The method in this paper depends on transmitting and receiving the sub image by hiding it inside envelope image (steganography process), using wavelet domain. This method depends on hiding sub-image inside the details information (high resolution) of the covered image after taking the discrete wavelet transformation applied on a covered image.The proposed method for hiding and transmitting the sub image inside the cover image is done by shrinking its values in order to accommodate high resolution details of the discrete wavelet transform of the cover image, after this process is a accomplished, it must rearrange the shrieked sub image information by coding rows and columns positions for hiding inside the high resolution details of the wavelet domain of the cover image. Taking the inverse wavelet transform for the new cover image included with the hide information of the sub image information (transmitting steganography process). Here the restore operation of the cover image is ready for sending process at any transmission port.The proposed method for receiving the cover image is done by taking the new covered image and applying wavelet transform again to get the details information that are included the coded information of the transmitted sub image. Then by encoding for the receiving high details information of the wavelet transform and re arrangement for both row and column as mentioned above but in inverse way, this will lead to the original shrinked sub image. Applying stretching process (d- shrinking) on a gated sub image, the sub image will get at the end of this step.Finally, calculate the mean square error in tables to calculate error rate between different sub images that hided in the cover image and compute the error rate values when calculated according to restore the cover image and compare the result. Error rate is less than or equal to .003 when calculated using the cover image and the restore version of the cover image, when hiding different sub images inside it.