Study of the Relationship between Organic Content Measures in Water


Abstract:Organic content measures (COD, BOD, and TOC) has been tested for different types of waters, municipal wastewater, treatment plant influent and effluent, synthetic wastewater and river water samples. The correlation between each two parameters has been studied. The results revealed that the relationship between BOD and COD is not always invariant and its changing depending on the type and the state of the samples (raw, treated or ..etc.). TOC also had changing relationship with COD, however, the TOC,COD relationship was best than the BOD relationship with the other two parameters. The separation between the data and homogenizing them gave best correlation. Finally , equations describing the relation between the three parameters has been edited and they can be used to estimate the absent test in accepted accuracy in similar samples to which have been studied in this work. The equations represent Mosul city wastewater samples were: (BOD=0.461COD-23.46), (TOC=0.455COD+7.938), and (TOC=0.625BOD+24.87) with R2= 0.511, 0.824 and 0.648 respectively. More equations are included in this work. Keywords; organic content, TOC, BOD, COD, Correlation , wastewater, characteristics