TP53 Over expression In Colorectal Carcinoma By Immunohistochemistry


Abstract:-Fifty paraffin blocks of colorectal carcinomas cases included in this study were randomly selected from January 2007 to Juan 2007 from the histopathological department in AL-Sadr Teaching Hospital.Of the fifty paraffin blocks of the studied colorectal carcinomas' cases; 29 cases (58%) were males and 21 cases (42%) were females. Their ages range was (16-80) years with an overall mean age (56.44±13.558) years , (58%) cases in distal colon (26%) cases were rectal , well differentiated carcinoma in (40%) cases , their stages by Dukes they were (36%) Dukes C followed by (30%) Dukes B then (18%) Dukes D and (16%) Dukes A. Fifty cases were submitted for immunohistochemical stain for P53 antibody, 39 cases (78%) were positive , and positive cases classified as weak positive in 18 cases (36%) and strong positive in 21cases (42%) ,also as faint staining pattern in 15 cases (38.4%) and dense staining pattern in 24 cases (61.6%).TP53 expression was more in distal colon cases (82.7%) , higher stages Dukes C (83.3) and D ( 88.8%) and poorly differentiated cancer (94.7%) , With no significant correlation of TP53 expression and site and stage of tumor but with significant relationship with grade of tumor