Study the level of achievement compared to the level digital Iraqi Arab and Asian digital and global activities Athletics


Study the level of achievement compared to the level digital Iraqi Arab and Asian digital and global Bfagliat AthleticsM. M. Mai Ali AzizReceived events Athletics considerable media attention, especially in the last years of the second half of the twentieth century after the great progress in the achievement of the digital to the modern world has seen the development of scientific and technical in his introduction the efforts of scientists training who tried to exploit the limits of human power users to theories and ideas of Sciences Pure in all its dimensions , as the breaking numbers became vulnerable to the ability of athletes it has become their weapon in the progress of science at higher levels.Have included athletics on a number of events, since each event is different from the physical and technical data and tactical methods of performance and requirements, has proven thus leaving no room for doubt that the level of digital in the activities of athletics for women and men had jumped forward dramatically to question and debate, What are the reasons for the truth behind this development contrary to what exists in the sport of athletics in Iraq, with taken-level digital back down from time to time, whether at the level of men or women compared with the digital level on the Arab and Asian and global.So is the importance of research in the comparative study of the level of the Iraqi with the findings of the digital-level Arab and Asian and global athletics.Through informing the researcher at the Digital athletics in the country observed a fluctuation in the level of achievement, since taking the number of Iraq to back down from year to year reflect the findings of the world of rapid development in all the activities of athletics at the Arab, Asian and global to the spin problem of the research on the causes weaknesses of the Iraqi level, compared with the continental level and develop appropriate solutions to improve the achievement of Iraq.The research aims to identify the level of the digital comparison with the level of Iraqi Arab and Asian digital and global events in athletics for men and women and to study the reasons for this disparity.