Effect of smoking on angiographic findings in Iraqi patients with coronary artery disease


Background: There were conflicting results regarding clinical studies of effect of smoking on the coronary angiographic findings, our aim was to study the effect of smoking on angiographic results in Iraqi patients with history of coronary artery disease submitted to routine coronary angiography.Methods: 393 consecutive patients with history of coronary disease submitted to coronary angiography in cardiology center divided into two major groups: smokers group (198 patients) and non smokers group (195 patients) and comparison had been done between two groups in the number of diseased coronary arteries, distribution of obstructive lesion and morphological severityResults: RCA and LMS (58% &57%) were more likely to diseased in smoking group rather than non smoker and the prevalence of two vessel disease(63% Vs 37%)(P= 0.02) and to lesser extent the three vessel disease pattern(53% Vs 47%) was more common in smoking group compared to non smoking group.On the other hand, no significant association was found between smoking and morphological severity of coronary artery disease regarding multiple or total cut lesions (P value > 0.588).Abbreviations: