Childhood Cancer(Leukaemias and Lymphoma) in Basrah- A case-control study


ABSTRACTThis is a case-control study carried out in Basrah during 2006. It involved 120 cases of leukaemia and lymphoma among children aged less than 15 years. The cases were compared with 180 controls matched for age, sex and area of residence. The study aimed at exploring certain sociodemographic and environmental risk factors.The results showed significant association between these two cancers and each of probable exposure to radiation, pesticides and chemicals related to automobiles and other sources. No clear association could be elicited between the studied cancers and education, age and occupation of parents.The study came to the conclusion that leukaemia and lymphoma were important childhood cancers and continuing efforts to register cancer in Basrah is vital for effective planning and research. It is also recommended that this small scale study could be expanded in the near future to confirm or refute the present study findings.