Management Performance of the leaders in the colleges of physical education from the viewpoint of the teaching staff


Management Performance of the leaders in the colleges of physical education from the viewpoint of the teaching staffA. D. Mazen Abdul Hadi AhmedM. M. Improve Abdul KarimWe have focused on many of the advanced countries in the modern sense of the management as a public service and it is found only in the service group has developed methods and new systems were not known previously to the adoption rates of scientific thought and based on the element of time it takes to provide the service for workers. The successful management of the institutions is the department able to develop new concepts for their work, including measuring the level of performance that requires the existence of standards and levels are limited to the performance of employees in senior positions and to make sure of their powers permanently away from the trends and tendencies personal, any assessment of their performance on the basis of objective fair and see (Zaki Mahmoud) . The principles of performance evaluation must take into account the two main pillars in the efficiency of the individual work performance and personal qualities such as principles, values, and reliability. The evaluation of the performance of sports leaders, is a measure of the extent of their authority and competence in the burdens of the existing posts which they occupy and hold them to their responsibility and the possibility of induction of the positions and functions of a higher level. Operations and require management development assessment of the performance of employees, which provides important information in the level of performance and detection capabilities and potential of individuals and is an approach to the redistribution of responsibilities and burdens and roles to ensure the use of these energies and human capacity unused. It also contributes to performance evaluation in the detection of weaknesses in the efficiency of workers and thus improve and develop their performance through training programs, as especially in the sports field, which requires extra effort of performance as required by administrative leadership mathematical functions and duties of the wide range of countless, for a variety of programs, colleges of physical education and multi- subdivision and objectives and the diversity of sciences and the different qualities of employees of the faculty, staff and athletes, and this requires that you have administrative leaders working in the colleges of physical education deans and associate and heads departments of knowledge and know-how and expertise when they can do their part collectively to implement their programs of scientific and administrative, sports and here demonstrated the importance of research in knowledge of administrative performance evaluation of these leaders from the viewpoint of the teaching staff to enhance administrative work cooperative and successful implementation of development programs in higher education through the development of the performance of employees of the events of a new quantum leap in the educational process, administrative and scientific. And that the public interest of the country require always that assigned high-level posts to qualified workers who are able to provide for these functions and to live up to its responsibilities and that any defect may commit in the selection process is a waste of human potential available which is evidence of misuse of management, where the lack of our institutions of civil and as especially our colleges to fair valuation and objective performance of the leaders of workers from the viewpoint of their employees and as especially teaching staff who make the important part of the educational process and management in college, and the process of calendar management for these leaders of Bmaya colleges and their assistants and heads of Departments will reveal to us the various aspects in the personality of these leaders and show the validity and efficiency of providing for the job they occupy. The process of calendar management objective and fair to these leaders gives immunity it shows how safe recruitment processes so that it is putting the right person in the right job for his abilities and skills and ensure that the evaluation process the continuity of monitoring and supervising the performance of these leaders and this kept them from falling into error and gives them the opportunity for successful collective action to move away from personal inclinations and tendencies. The research aims to1 - performance evaluation of the administrative leaders working in the colleges of physical education and his college dean and department heads from the viewpoint of the teaching staff.2 - Using the method of evaluating the group or pairing for the performance of the individual.