The impact of mental training in science some basic skills handball


The impact of mental training in science some basic skills handballDr.. Mahmoud Moussa UgailiThat sports activities, including the game handball based basic skills as a rule important to progress so as to make lessons and coaches spend most of the time in the education and training to perform these skills, education and give a greater share in the education and training programs', but the long time in physical training is not the only way to learn motor skills essential There are a lot of ways and methods that help to speed the learning of motor skills, acquire, to use their training to training mental, where he works this training to ease the burden on the player through the exchange of labor yen physical side and the mental Learning standardized process includes both mental and physical.Training is a mental one IT strategies coaching the DAI attention of many specialists in this area 'because of its positive and meaningful role in the development of the level of performance, especially after I became a mental skills and mental is important in raising the level of performance, the ability to training mental of the important variables that affect the performance, as used for the purpose of the embodiment of performance and by reviewing the skill mentally and includes a piece to get rid of errors perception of the correct method of performance, and most who have a clear idea of the key aspects of the skill they can by training mental compared their responses to performance optimization and then correct responses to falseThe importance of research is to go to the field of teaching beginners in the game of handball and try to facilitate the educational mission 'as well as link training mental processes control the ideas and movements, the physical and the organization of motor behavior and the use of words and ideas of positive and appropriate models to assist in the training capacity of mental and systematic process of compatibility between the training mental and applied learning skills.And physical training only on the performance of motor skills is not enough to learn and master the full 'where the process of education and training in the field of physical education are largely dependent on the interrelationship of physical, mental and diversification in the use of methods and this requires attention to these two sides and focus on the mental, especially while learning new skills and through the experience of the researcher to being a teaching for many years to rule handball is not urged that the training of mental does not fall within the modules used in the Platform for the college to the piece lack of attention to the means of education (visual 'audio' sensory), which is an important means and effective in learning the skills of Handball if combined with mental training, so felt a researcher studying this problem through the use of mental training as a companion for education and skills upgrading of the educational process for the better((The practice of mental knowledge as a strategy more effective than the lack of practice and should be used in a manner complementary to the practice of physical to give better results)) The research aims to1 - Prepare a program for training mental skills associated with teaching students the second phase in the Faculty of Physical Education - University of Baghdad2 - determine the impact of training the mental skills associated with learning to learn some basic skills handball