Imbalance in the Environmental system and the Desertification phenomenon


The elements and constituents of environment move in this universe according to specific and balanced ratios to meet the needs of living creatures and to guarantee the continuity of life on earth as well as providing an efficient , intact and safe environment .This interaction and interrelation between the elements and constituent of environment , whether animate or inanimate and their concise symmetry allow their to living as function properly for the sake of maintaining life . This is known as ( Environmental Balance ) . This balance means that the elements and constituents of environment are kept in their original ratios as they were created by God The Environmental Balance and its strict system might be disturbed and disintegrate due to any deficiency in one of the elements or constituents of any deficiency system . Thus disturbance and imbalance take place , coupled by a failure to maintain life. This result in ( Environmental Disintegration ) which includes so many serious environmental problems , one of which is the desertification phenomenon which is considered as one of the environmental disasters which threaten human communities all over the world , The Arab homeland and in Iraq .This phenomenon is an inevitable result of the negative changes and disturbances in the environmental system . This paper attempts to prove and emphasize the relation between the imbalance in the environmental system and the resultant desertification phenomenon . It also seeks to emphasize man's moral responsibility to words his environment.