Assess physical activity outside of the colleges of the University Qadisiyah


Assess physical activity outside of the colleges of the University QadisiyahM. M. Khaled Black IkhResearch SummaryThere is no doubt that sports play an important role in the health of individuals in general and athletes in particular and in addition to recreation and spend time programs wholesale aims to thrill, fun, happiness, and these are some general objectives of the Educational satisfied that college sports is one of the paragraphs of the scientific program of the right to any university that takes into account when formulating the most important ways and roads Almnsph to move the student from the stage of the formal training of the mental faculties to pay attention to its needs and inclinations and desires are not less important when taking into account the criteria for differentiation among the best scientific results achieved and the best mathematical results that are up the students to the level of scientific excellence and sport in that one. And physical activity outside is one of the duties of college sports and objectives by working for it must be countersigned in this activity a large percentage of students who find in the exercise of an outlet for them, Being more sports includes a lot of interest and educational values, which in turn help to achieve the objectives of the overall program of the University of Examples include leadership training and cooperation and the development of emotional maturity and self-reliance, responsibility, hence the importance of research for the sports activity of the many benefits for students and contribute to identifying the obstacles that are full of accomplished and achieved. The sports university is one of rings important in number of students Oaadadaalemya and educationally, psychologically and athletes at one time in addition to the development of social relations and humanitarian between students and teachers and promote a spirit of love and cooperation in them the highest goals of sport: it is through the experience of the researcher being a coach sports at the University of Qadisiyah Note that there is found in the sports university, and to identify the most important reasons that led to find such an important activity in the faculties of the University of Qadisiyah and its inability to meet the situation of his goals was the researcher in this research third party to identify the most important obstacles that hinder implementing sports activities external to the colleges.