Comparison in personality at the junior teams of some individual sports in the province of Babylon


Comparison in personality at the junior teams of some individual sports in the province of BabylonM. M. Raed Abdul Amir AbbasResearch Summary That scientific progress witnessed by the world at the present time is one of the main causes in the progress of human life in various fields, including the sports field, and that this progress is not only through scientific studies determined based on the science of several interrelated and linked to area sports, and between these sciences task is sports psychology, which has made significant contributions to the development of sports and all kinds.The progress included the sports field is a mirror of progress in all sports, and these games are sports individual to the advantage of these games from the numbers overall for the players, of all classes, including the junior class, in order to improve the standard of sports to be the study of personality for the youth team sports individual To find out what characteristics are characterized by, and through the use of one of the standards for psychological personal features.And here lies the importance of research through knowledge of personality at the junior some sports individual and compared these features when the junior of the games, to put the exact results for the characteristics for each sports game through what it is for players of features distinguish them to contribute effectively to the development of these games .The upgrade in the level of sports requires a number of continuing to players for many years and different aspects and the attendant psychological preparations. It is through the experience of the researcher as a teacher and coach for one of the sports individual found most trainers rely on fitness and performance skills and there is a lack of knowledge of personality at the junior of these games and distinguish players this Games of the personality traits and by the type and specificity of each of the sport to contribute to the future the possibility of selection of the trainers of the athletes and their training and as required for each game of the hallmark Nashiha for junior game the other, it should be known personality when the youngsters to have an impact across all ages for its contribution to a degree significantly upgrade their abilities and their willingness and then we can achieve the best levels not only at the county level, but on the international and continental levels.