Performance skills of the player and its relationship to the results of the free volleyball teams


Performance skills of the player and its relationship to the results of the free volleyball teamsM. M. Firas Ibrahim Suhail Research SummaryIs a game of volleyball most team sports popular in many countries of the world as countries make great efforts and continuing to the number of volleyball players on the basis of clear scientific access to higher levels and achieve rank high, and occupied a prominent place among the game Differential other as it is the skills of the technical and tactical far from all causes of violence and force as well as they involved with kindness and tenderness and beautiful art of playing and performance, and requires skill performance in this game to use scientific methods to plan and guide the training process that provides for the coach real information comprehensive and objective requirements of sports in general and sports activity and the status of the players in particular.Differ for the game of volleyball for the rest of the group games in the form of play space and the stadium and the law change positions depending on the positions of play, which leads to continue for a period exceeding two hours as well as surprises, play and change from attack to defense and vice versa, within a few seconds, all that make this game require a pattern particular to the requirements of physical preparation and skill and tactical player. In order to bring the player the highest level of performance during the game must be well prepared in the light of the requirements of the game, which comes in the forefront of the number of circuits that play during the game and space field and the nature of the work in the player in terms of specialization in the field of where the number of times the fall and repeat the jump and speed of movement and direction, in spite of the multiplicity of the requirements for proficiency in performance skills but that the most important indications that can be considered specific signs of the effectiveness of the player is the size of motor activity, which depends to a large extent on the area of land that moves by the player during the match. Witnessed in recent years developed a large and significant in the arts of a game of volleyball, whether it was on the defensive or offensive, which won the largest share in this development represented "in the use of combinations a modern and diverse at the expense of the defensive side, prompting the International Federation of the game to make some changes and amendments to the rules of the game and which is to allow the allocation of a free player, defender (for Wipro) attempt to develop the defensive side and create a balance between offensive and defensive skills.Hence, the researcher generated the idea for this study, the objective is important to identify the performance skills of the player free (Allebr) and in relation to the results volleyball teams, and put the results of this study to the trainers to take advantage of them during their training.