Determinants of the regulatory environment for members of the governing bodies of some sports clubs Iraq


Determinants of the regulatory environment for members of the governing bodies of some sports clubs IraqA. M. D. Nahida Zaid Abdul-Dulaimi, M.. M. Haitham Mohammad KazemM. M. Khaleda Zaid Abdul-DulaimiResearch SummaryDepartment is the distinct activity is directly related to most aspects of human life, at the same time is an effective and mature to achieve the desired objectives for any of the areas, and the absence of management for human life and replaced by random improvisation, which threatens any area fail. The Department is in accordance with the method of scientific management and human relations, its long-and short-term and determine the overall objectives of the organization and sub-goals and micro-and the work of management of the organization or department, and the basis of management is to identify the objectives, it is that determines superiors and subordinates the goals that they can achieve in the next period of time and encourages the Department subordinates to to put personal goals in addition to business objectives, and requires the use of scientific methods and application of modern management awareness is of great importance in the employment sector of the organization or club and for the development of performance and working methods in order to enable management to evaluate performance and to develop problems existing administrative and implementation, as a prelude to address these problems and take v the right decisions to overcome them in order to improve performance and productivity. The different factors that affect the regulatory environment from one organization to another organization, according to the nature of this organization, you are a service organization or of a special nature, and that these factors could have some effects on the regulatory environment within the sports clubs and thus reflect this effect on the efficiency of workers where, as they are working Ekhalqh continuum of heads and subordinates, and affect the club a major impact on performance through the environment prevailing during the expectations formed by the member club and the possibilities therein, and the members within the club is made up with certain expectations, according to their positions and roles of regulators in the light of their goals, needs and skills available have with the availability of potential at the club have appropriate regulatory environment for the best business, Members are when they work in the club to have a set of goals they want to achieve, as well as a needs they want satisfied by what is available for their energies and different skills have a significant contribution to the achievement of these goals, as they Iedkon certain trends for the club to which they belong, and a behavior the positive work that they feel will provide them a good environment, and if he interaction between expectations and resources and capabilities available to the club and the objectives and the needs of its members are achieving the objectives of the club more effectively. It's all been said, the researchers see the importance of the availability of an appropriate regulatory environment to support the positive aspects or aspects of the process of training and different activities of the members working in the clubs, which contributes to the development of the performance of their work.