Controls to distinguish between damage obscene and illegal use of the right of property in neighborly relations - comparative study of Islamic jurisprudence -


To say that the damage obscene resulting from the use of the property project in the framework of neighborly relations, leads to a similarity with some of the legal status resulting from the use of this right as well, Kaltasv in the use of right and wrong in the use of the property, as that using the neighbor of his, may result in causing damage obscene neighbor, although such use for Aantoa on any abuse of it, may not be the wrong place. The consequences of this use as well, damage to his neighbor, but arise from abuse issued by the administrator, placed by the scope of abuse of right. Or for violation or negligence in the use of the neighbor responsible for his own, placed by the scope of the error in the use of the property. Although there are many points of similarity between these conditions, but there are points of difference between them, which requires it of discrimination in all of this. It Masnmay to be addressed through this research that Snksmh to address the demands of the in the first demand to use the definition of the project right of property .