Tension Pneumocephalus Following Evacuation Of Subdural Haematoma


ABSTRACTThree cases of a rare complication of tension pneumo-cephalus following evacuation of chronic subdural haematoma are described .this occurred in 15% of all cases of chronic subdural haematoma. Treated following installation of a CT scanner .the chronically compressed brain contributes to the ingress of this intracranial air .the increase in the brain bulk and graudual re-expansion of the brain ,in the early post –opeatvie period ,competes with the trapped subdural air resulting in arise in intracranial pressure leading to neurological deterioration .burr hole was put on the skull wall .according to the site of the pneumocephalus and aspiration ,using abrain cannula which was modified with three-way connectur has produced excellent results. All cases were operated in the AL.mosswy and AL.saady private hospitals during the years 2005-2008, as a etrospective study in the AL. Basrha city.