The Effect of Globalization on the Development of Pedagological Economics in Palestine Technical College in Dair-Elbala (Case Study)


The objective of the research is to identify the impact of globalization on the development of economics of learning in Palestine Technical College - Deir El-Balah, according to the variables of gender, qualifications, the area of employment and years of experience. A community study of all employees has been done using descriptive analytical approach to reach the results of the study. A questionnaire was applied on a random sample of (51) staff members, or (47%) of the total number of staff members (108). The study concluded that globalization is working for the horizontal expansion of the organizational structure of the College, including a positive impact on the development of economies of financial education at the college and serve the globalization policies that improve the skills training of technicians and teaching skills have academics and help in decision-making and the creation of sound strategies and an alternative to the leadership of the college.