Levels of dissolved and particulate petroleum hydrocarbons in Shatt Al-Arab River, Southern Basrah, Iraq.


The present study concerned with the seasonal variations in the distribution of petroleum hydrocarbons in water at six stations along Shatt Al-Arab River which are (Al-Qurnah, Al-Sindibad, Al-Ashar, Abu-Floos, Al-Sibah and Al-Fao). Samples were collected seasonally during the period from April 2004 (Spring season) to January 2005 (Winter season). The concentrations of dissolved petroleum hydrocarbons in water ranged from 2.247 μg/l (Spring) in Al-Qurnah station to 50.232 μg/l (Autumn) in Al-Ashar station. Also, the concentrations of particulate petroleum hydrocarbons in water ranged from 2.871 μg/g dry wt. (Summer) in Al-Qurnah station to 37.077 μg/g dry wt. (Autumn) in Al-Ashar station. The lipid’s content in suspended matter ranged from 2.837 % (Winter) in Al-Qurnah station to 44.912 % (Al-Ashar station) and 42.048 % (Abu-Floos station) during Autumn season. The average concentrations of chlorophyll (a) in water range from 0.70 mg/m3 (Winter) in Al-Qurnah station to (37.21 and 28.61) mg/m3 (Autumn) in Al-Ashar station and Abu-Floos station, respectively. Besides that, significant and non-significant correlation value were found between the (TPH) concentrations and content of each chlorophyll (a) and lipids.