The Effect of Space Volume on Heat Transfer by Natural Convection Form an Longitudinal Trihedron Cylinder


Abstract In present work , heat transfer by natural convection from an longitudinal trihedron cylinder in a two different space, small with cross-section (120cm*100cm) and long(90cm) and large with cross-section (3.6m*3m)and long(2.7m)have been studied experimentally ,using air as a heat transport medium. The cylinder was fixed at different slope angle (0º,30º,60º,90º) from horizontal ,and for heat flux (20.5,72,147,228,340)watt, in an open medium to the atmospheric air where heat transferred by convection and radiation. Heat Transfer from the (8) longitudinal trihedron fins cylinder great than (12) longitudinal trihedron fins cylinder and the maximum heat transfer at a vertical position and minimum at a horizontal in large space and the maximum heat transfer at a slope angle (60º) and the minimum at a slope angle (0º)in small space and the heat transfer in large space is grater than small space with the range from [Ra = (4.96*107 – 1.3*108)].