Calculation the mass attenuation coefficient of beta-particles through Polyvinyl chloride


The mass attenuation coefficient for beta particles through pure Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and flax fibers- reinforced PVC composite were investigated as a function of the absorber thickness and the absorber to source distance. The beta particles mass attenuation coefficients were obtained using a NaI(Tl) energy selective scintillation counter with 90Sr/ 90Y beta source having an energy range from (0.546-2.275) MeV. Pure PVC polymer samples were prepared by compacting the PVC powder in a mould at high pressure (10bar) and temperature about 140°C for 30 minutes. A hot press system was used for this process. The experimentally obtained values of mass attenuation coefficients for 90Sr and 90Y were found to be 7.72 cm2.g-1and 0.842 cm2.g-1 respectively, and the measured mass attenuation coefficients values decrease with increase of the absorber to source distance .