Interdependence of the different types of deception scoring the results of the focal players in basketball for applicants


Interdependence of the different types of deception scoring the results of the focal players in basketball for applicants A. M. D. Ayed Abdul-Hussein, Prince Research Summary The remarkable development of the types of Defense and forms of multi-e of the game of basketball, which is characterized by force, prosecution and violent resistance forced the teams and player striker specifically "using the methods of attack with special skills to cope with such a development of defense, which has become possesses the philosophy of coaches and players as the first reasons to win the game. And deception one offensive weapons effective in dismantling and weakening the stiffer walls of the teams and players a used intelligently and timely manner, as well as "to create good opportunities for players to get on the areas and positions of the best, whether for handling Owalthdev or accession to the basket, so are the movements traps using the ball is a necessary and important in performance of many of the basics kinetic basketball. The effectiveness of basketball players do not Aabranha movements and skills visible direct the eyes, but the ability of the player to hide his movements and trends, and make it similar as possible to the paths of movement essential to convince the opponent, because the movements and skills disguised confuse the opponent and is distracted and arent just weight, which opens the way for the attacker to perform real skill without interference and to increase the percentage of achieving their purpose. As well as the player with the intelligence of Higher whether using the ball or without must work continuously to make the player's defender less advantage of it and using deception compound of a group movements misleading to hide the behavior offensive so make plenty of room and therefore solutions and options more accessible to the basket. Here lies the importance of studying this kind of aggressive tactics and individual solutions for the diagnosis of cases and the strengths and weaknesses of the types of deception used the ball and without it, especially for basketball players build, by virtue of the importance of their presence near the basket competitor in line with what have the advantages of a private Kataiwl and face difficulties Kdik area moved, with the presence of continuous and heavy concrete for defenders.