Physical attributes of the public school students and community who are aged (10-12) years in the city of Mukalla (Yemen)


Physical attributes of the public school students and community who are aged (10-12) years in the city of Mukalla (Yemen)A. M. D. Djaaz Falah Shalash A. M. D. Iyad Mohammed AbdullahResearch SummaryIs fitness a component of fitness overall which includes fitness and mental fitness, psychological and social decorum, a part of public decency or full fitness, which provides for the individual to collars overlapping and interrelated (Hayali, 1989.20), and define the objectives of amenities for the purposes of physical, social, emotional and recreational and mental health as well as the target.Can sport different types that play an active role during the different growth stages experienced by the individual, especially if the distribution systems sports appropriate for each of these stages in line with the nature of the properties of these phases and their objectives, as it is physical development of great importance in evaluating the growth of the individual and development as well as one of the indicators that reflect the growth status of individuals.It is worth mentioning the physical capacities is a characteristics of physical breed with humans and grow its growth and affect the growth on the nature of the work and way of life, the degree of his motor, whether this activity is intentional or unintentional, and motor skills in general, and basic ones, or sports do not can grow, develop and control without the maturity of the physical capacities of their own, and this shows the individual differences of rates of evolution in the age group of (10-12) years between the sexes and even between the same sex, and was clearly shown when pass the pupil or the pupil stage school , since this difference is the rate of development in the physical attributes of the sexes and is affected by the internal and external influences such as environment, genetics, tradition and the desire to play a positive role in its maturation is a fundamental basis for growth.Because of privacy known to the school community, whether for pupils or students and accompanying teaching process in which the failure of interest in the side of physical, motor and health, the importance of current research is to study the differences among the students of public schools and private schools for the age level (10-12) years, as well as study the differences between pupils public schools and community, as well as study the differences between the pupils and students, to ascertain the level of physical development and movement of pupils, students and knowledge of effects and changes on the level of development in the physical attributes and motor to take advantage of the search results in finding solutions and treatments appropriate to upgrade the level of physical, motor and thus improve the standard of health for pupils and students whether in government or private schools.