The impact of the use of problem solving in learning multiplication landslide in volleyball


The impact of the use of problem solving in learning multiplication landslide in volleyballA. M. D. Djaaz Falah ShalashIt became clear that the development of methods of teaching methods is the need of the necessities of modern education and dealing with the material in ways that education for the purpose of give students the basic skills required away from the method of memorization and stuffing information leading to forget information and not follow the scientific method in order to be able to understand and express ((Valaslob which followed by the teacher is usually to perform the duty of a given can not be determined but should the teacher be free to choose the method that achieves a favor purposes of education and on the basis of skills and characteristics of personal)) as some of the skills that are difficult and require follow teaching methods appropriate to give the learner the great opportunities to learn and absorb a lot of motor skills Mini them or complex, and these methods solving problems, one of the modern methods, ((achieve positive student through his involvement in solving the problems of meaning and is done to give him an active role in the process of learning to impart the experience of educational impact desired in his behavior)) of this emerged the importance of research to provide a model to use one of the methods of modern educational. ((which is based on raising the problem of interest to students and attracts their attention and cause them to think and study on the solution to this problem and to find sound solutions to reach the best way connected to this solution)) as The skill of beating overwhelming volleyball is one of the skills that need to be a great effort require a high level of efficiency of physical and skill to reach the performance of the duties of motor with high efficiency and can take advantage of the method of solving problems in finding solutions to the performance of the skill the best ways and perform well. and that the primary objective of the investigation process education is access to the use of best practices and teaching methods affordable to be learning more quickly and proficiently, with a creativity and renewal, including the skill of beating overwhelming hard skills they need to deal with the ball to hit successfully and remain in the air for the longest possible period also must stay away from touching or striking network in addition that there are many factors involved for the strike, a special working time so it is working hard requires long periods of training to be an influence so felt the researcher to study another method to learn the skill of beating overwhelming as that ((discretion of researchers in finding new methods is an attempt to raise the level of learning)) Here is where the research problem in using a method different from the traditional method used to learn the skill of beating overwhelming a method to resolve the problems a pilot study dealing with learning a skill beating overwhelming for tertiary students, Department of Physical Education and Sport Faculty of Education - Al-Mukalla University Hadramaut in Yemen to enable them to find many solutions to reach the proper performance of new and creative way as well as the progressive method (normal) to compare the two.The research aims to detect the effect of using the method of solving problems in learning the skill of hitting the ball crushing the plane.