After kindergarten programs on the physical growth and some of the kinetic characteristics


After kindergarten programs on the physical growth and some of the kinetic characteristicsM. D. Hossein Ali JabriThe process of development of motor and attention characteristics of physical growth in humans has become one of the things that interest to the modern science of the close relationship between them and the evolution of man, therefore, this preparation requires the full attention of even small to reach high levels and to all the physical aspects. The kinetic characteristics of good and balanced growth, one important topics related to performance motor for a person to that conducted research and studies to reveal the best ways that lead human beings to reach its potential to adjust the motor to the fullest. The test movements and exercises of sound, especially in children an essential factor for their development growth true free of defects and deformities suffered by them due to movement that is not right they need usually since childhood, so the work kinetic significant impact on the progress of their lives and their development in the future and building integrated personality. The first years of a child's life are the top ranking of importance, and touching all of the work in the field of education, which echoes the impact of these years in the younger generation. And accounts for educators and more to emphasize that most of the disorders and diseases, mental and emotional affects a group of people within their lives have no reason only that ignorance and neglect in his education while he was still a child at the beginning of his life first, and this background that the communities to pay attention to these aspects that have a prejudice in the entity of the community, as established institutes to raise children take care of before school age, ie before they exceed the age of six, has been termed the designation of these institutes in kindergartens, as increasing attention is unrivaled by those interested in the affairs of education for their belief in the role played by the educational institution to improve perceptions of children, whether mental or physical health. On the basis of considering childhood an important stage through which the human is a stage of vulnerability factors different, which is surrounded by and thus have an impact either be positive or negative, on his future, and because of the importance of the first five years (childhood) in the formation of this character which requires on educational institutions to take an active role in care, fostering and attracting the largest number of children in kindergarten as one of the first educational institutions and the basic unit that contribute to community building, where an effective contribution to raising children in accordance with the principles and approaches psychological, educational and health prepare them to the next stage, namely stage primary school. Hence the importance of research to identify the effectiveness and impact of curriculum and activities of the kindergarten in the level of physical growth and some of the kinetic characteristics of children who entered this Riyadh. The motor activity is an integral part of the general curriculum for kindergarten, and the development of basic movements and growth in children based on the development of their future life. The interest in curriculum and kindergarten activities, particularly motor which lead to the completion of the link between the most delicate part of human life, which is the pre-school and between the later stages of his life and vice versa. The success of these approaches and activities depends on the (type of activity practices - staff specialist - the place and equipment) and all these can be called functional competencies for kindergarten and that concerns us from this study is the extent of the impact of these activities and events in the level of physical growth and development of some of the qualities of mobility in children who entered Riyadh, so the researcher formulated the problem considering the following question:Is the kindergarten curriculum and practice activities which have a significant impact on physical growth and some of the kinetic qualities in children, and thus find answers with logical and scientific modes give a clear indication and sufficient to answer such a question.The research aims toIdentify the impact of the kindergarten curriculum in physical growth and some kinetic properties.