Calendar studied teaching methods from the viewpoint of the students at the Institute of preparation parameters


Calendar studied teaching methods from the viewpoint of the students at the Institute of preparation parametersM. M. Khaled blackM. M. Ghaffar SaadAny human activity must frame the existence of provisions and values set and do the tracks and identifies walking and measure results to ensure its development, and education as a human must be subject to the standards and provisions to ensure a good performance and its development under the tremendous progress we are witnessing, therefore, must be thinking in finding ways and ideas and procedures show the effectiveness of the process educational or not and how to face the direction of the desired objectives at the same time possible to use vision for the process and direction of development for the better and achieve goals.So it imposed a measurement and evaluation inevitability and became the Calendar necessary and essential for all areas of life, and show the need for the calendar when we want to release certain provisions no matter how simple or complex the task to be sentencing them. Calendar and its destruction extends to include all of the influences in the educational process of coursesThe teaching methods used to types of activity that is practiced students through curriculum, as well as the means and methods in the teaching of different activities, and physical education as a field of the educational process, including the lessons of the last extended to the calendar to participate in the process of evolution, and methods of teaching, one of the lessons that need to process calendar, and more continuing to raise the level of education and achievement of the learner hence the importance of research to contribute even a fraction to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the methods of teaching a lesson to the students of the Institute of preparation parameters.And regaining Calendar of paramount importance in the educational field, it means to judge the student and the teacher and the educational curriculum which he shows the value of the educational process, as it shows the effectiveness of the procedures and means used to achieve the needs of the learner and the desires and the fact that he studied methods of teaching the most important lesson helps students to form a personal teacher and help him in the output of the lesson Model so it needs to make a calendar for the various fields (Approach: Teacher: Student: Administration) to see how well this lesson in achieving the desired objectives and that the most important of graduate teacher is able to manage the educational process. From here came the research problem and it may help those who teach this material to learn the process of teaching students through the calendar of the axes of the lesson.The research aims to (Calendar studied the methods of teaching from the perspective of students preparing teachers Institute / Department of Physical Education / Qadissiya)