Two-dimensional Crystallization of Silica nanospheres using Coplanar DC Electric field


Two-dimensional crystal has been achieved and controlled with the aid of DC electric field applied between two electrodes at 5 millimeters separating distance between them. Sol-gel method has been used to prepared nanosilica particle which used in this work as well as TiO2 nanopaowder. The assembly of the silica particles is due to the interaction between the electrical force, the particles dipole, and the interaction between the particles themselves. When a DC voltage is applied, the particles accumulated and crystallized on the surface between the electrodes. The Light diffraction demonstrates that the hexagonal crystal is always oriented with one axis along the direction of the field. The particles disassemble when the field is turned off, and the process can be repeated many times. The diffraction patterns from all consecutively formed crystals are identical. This assembly is driven by forces that depend on the electric field gradient; the process can be controlled via the external field strength, and the viscosity of the liquid media.