Construction of cognitive scale of the rules of handball for student of college of sport education


The researcher used descriptive method by using survey style because it is suitable for this study.The research society is (104) students (boys and girles ) from forth stage in the college of Sport Education , university of Mosul for 2007- 2008.sample of study is sample of building that consists of (70) boys and girls , who still continue in their study after excluding experiment sample which contains 6 students to make the sample 73:8 from the sample total .the researcher used the questioner The present study aims to:•Construction a cognitive scale of the rules of handball for the student of the college of sport education.The scope of the study: Humanely space: senior students in the college of Sport education , university of Mosul •Time Space: from 1/10/2008 - 30/4/2008.• Place space: in door Hall in the college of Sport, university of Mosuland analyzing contents as a mean to collect data: •Accounting mean, Percent, Easily, difficult, distinction, and Getman modulus.The researcher resulted :Building Gauge for Legal Knowledge for Handball for students of college of Sport Education Recommendations:It is recommended that the study uses this gauge as a mean in a month examination for college of Sport Education in the subjects of law of handball.