Activity of using some educational techniquesby learning the skills of finishing stroke and defensive wall of handball


The study aimed at showing up the effect of using some educational techniques by learning the skills of "finishing stroke" and “defense wall” of handball. The researcher supposed that there is no statistical differences in using some educational techniques to learn the skills mentioned above, the samples were students of the physical education collage 2006-2007, and they were of classrooms “E and F”. they were divided equally in both classrooms. The researcher disqualified the failing and exam-posponed students and who used to play this game chose whom have different physical and mational fitness, hight, weight and different ages that the test were absolutely in random way. The researcher put into effect the program which was prepared by the material lecturer in regard with the general program of the physical education collages which was prepared by the sectorial commission. The experimental group started to watch the educational techniques CD's and skill's pictures of this reserch while the regular students followed the traditional program (showing & explainning the skill by the material lectuer). After gathering and processing the data statistically by using the statistical means (arithmetic mean, standard curring and T test), the researcher concluded the following results: there is a preference in using the educational techniques of the experimental and regular ones) in the skills at circling-finishing stroke and the defensive wall. The researcher recommended that it is necessary to perform the educational techniques of learning the counter, fast and tricky-finishing stroke and he also ercommended to give more time to learn these two skills