Statistical Fluctuations of Energy Spectrum, Electromagnetic Transitions and Electromagnetic Moments in 136Xe Nucleus Using the Framework of Nuclear Shell Model


The fluctuation properties of energy spectrum, electromagnetic transition intensities and electromagnetic moments in nucleus are investigated with realistic shell model calculations. We find that the spectral fluctuations of are consistent with the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble of random matrices. Besides, we observe a transition from an order to chaos when the excitation energy is increased and a clear quantum signature of the breaking of chaoticity when the single-particle energies are increased. The distributions of the transition intensities and of the electromagnetic moments are well described by a Porter-Thomas distribution. The statistics of electromagnetic transition intensities clearly deviate from a Porter-Thomas distribution (i.e., a transition towards regularity is observed) when the single-particle energies are increased whereas the statistics of electromagnetic moments are not affected by the change of the single-particle energies.