Knowledge and Preference of Mothers Delivering at ALKadhumyia Teaching Hospital Regarding Caesarean Section and Normal Vaginal Delivery


ABSTRACT :BACKGROUND:Caesarean section rates are progressively rising in many parts of the world. One suggested reason isincreasing requests by women for caesarean section in the absence of clear medical indications.OBJECTIVE:To determined the medical and non medical reasons behind the caesarean section. To identify themothers preference to the mode of delivary and reasons behind this preference.MATERIALS AND METHODS:Across sectional study of 480 mothers was interviewed .The data was collected using a questionnaireform includes information under two main headings: 1) Information related to the mother; theseinclude demographic and some obstetrical information, obstetrical 2) Knowledge of mothersregarding reasons behind their caesarean section.3) Information related to mother preference.RESULTS:The majority of mothers 317(66%) were delivered by Caesarean section ,the majority of Caesareansection mothers (41%) were of (36-45) years of age , (47.3%) completed primary education., ( 89%)of them reported medical reasons behind their Caeserean section, (25.9%) of mothers with medicalreasons reported a history of Caeserean section as the main medical reason .Regarding the nonmedical reasons the majority of mothers (45.7%) reported Fear of vaginal delivery as the main nonmedical reasons . The majority 384(80%) of mothers prefer NVD while only (20%) reported theirpreference to C-sectionCONCLUSION:The caesarean section rate was high, history of Caeserean section were the main medical reasonbehind caesarean section , fear of vaginal delivary was the main non medicval reason behindcaesarean section. Majority of mothers prefer NVD than C-section