Serum Enzyme Activities in Human Thyroid Diseases


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:The study enrolled a total of 76 patients with thyroid gland diseases, hyperthyroidism andhypothyroidism. The activities of the enzyme amylase, gamma glutamyltransferase and alkalinephosphatase were evaluated in these diseases state and were compared with normal healthy thyroidgland. The specimens were obtained from different hospitals in Baghdad and from routine clinicalworks.OBJECTIVE:Diagnosis of patients with thyroid gland diseases hyper and hypothyroidism by evaluation ofenzymes activity of amylase, GGT and ALP.METHOD:Two groups of patients were used: The first consists of 38 patients with hyperthyroidism, thesecond consists of also 38 are patients with hypothyroidism. Twenty five of each group wasinvestigated for amylase, GGT, ALP and were compared with third group of 25 normal healthythyroid gland. The remaining 13 out of 38 patients of each group were tested for enzymes,amylase, GGT, ALP, GOT, GPT and evaluate the hormones, they were compared with third groupof 10 normal healthy thyroid gland.RESULTS:There was a highly significant increase and decrease in the activity of amylase, GGT and ALP inhyper and hypothyroidism patients (P<0.001) when compared with third group normal.CONCLUSION:Diagnosis of patients with thyroid gland diseases can be confirmed by enzymes investigation inblood serum and hormonal assay