Dynamic Analysis of a Generated Stresses in a Draw bar


AbstractThe stress analysis in the draw bar has been analyzed fully during the tillage operation in two different soil types. The study was done in a series of two stages : The first was done, in the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Mosul in order to obtain the analysis of material to be used in this study, the mechanical and physical properties of the draw bar metals. The analysis of the soils to be used was obtained in the Geotechnical laboratory in the Civil Engineering dept. later the dimensional Analysis of the draw-bar was fixed, then the stress- analysis generated at varies points on the draw-bar was obtained using the finite element analysis using the ANSYS V5.4 program. during the application of the draw-bar in a similar condition. Special cases, were taken in consideration such as the stresses in X, Y co-ordinates, in addition to the principal stresses.During the second phase of this study, the stresses at a special locations were measured using a number of electrical resistance strain gauges fixed on the draw-bar while the Tractor was driven on two different soils at varies depth (30cm, 35cm, 40cm).Keywords : drawbar, dynamic analysis, complex stressesاستلم في 11 / 4 / 2010