Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Heat Pipe Using Water-Hydrocarbon Mixture as a Working Fluid. (An Experimental Study


Abstract The heat pipe is a very effective device in heat transport, therefore it is used in many industrial applications especially in cooling systems. In the present experimental work, wickless heat pipe(thermosyphon)is designed and constructed from a copper tube of inside and outside diameters (13.5) and (15.5)mm respectively with total length of (600)mm divided into three sections evaporator; adiabatic section and a finned air cooled condenser simulating the actual applications in practice of this device. Pure water, pure hydrocarbon fluid (acetone) and mixtures of the two fluids at different ratios by weight were used as working fluid to investigate the effect of a working fluid type and mixture ratio on the performance of the device. Results show that using pure fluid is more effective than using mixture. Comparison between results of the present work and a theoretical correlation shows a good agreement especially when using pure fluid.Keywords: Thermo syphon; Heat pipe; Mixture.