Effect Nutrient of seed fenugreek (Trigonella foenum – graecum) in some Biochemistry inspection from rat blood


Abstract : This study was to know the effect of consumption of fenugreek seed dry or germinated on sugar and blood fat level in the white rat (Sprague-Dawley) age (7) weeks and weighing 100-120 gm. The animal's experimentation randomly dividable in to three groups by (6) rats per group. Treated first group (control) fed with standard food free of cholesterol and dry fenugreek seed. The second group fed with diet weighted containing 10% dry fenugreek seed and 0.26% cholesterol. The third group was treated fed on weighted food containing 10% germinated fenugreek seed and 0.26% cholesterol, Continued feeding for 28 days . The result showed that rats which were fed on the foods containing fenugreek seed (dry or germinated) lead to a significant increase in body Wight as all as a decrease in the level of blood sugar , cholesterol and Triglyceride and a decrease in the level of low density lipoprotein and increase high density lipoprotein in the blood .