Epidemiological study of hydatid disease in patients underwent Surgical treatment in Al – Hussain – General Hospital / Karbala


Hydatide disease or hydatidosis is a zoonotic infection of humans , which is widely spreed in world . The disease recorded to be importans public health and epidemic problem that play a serious role on human and animal health . The present study was conducted to determine the incidence of this infection in Karbala governent during the period 2004-2007 . 157 patients who underwent hydatid cyst surgeries in Al – Hussain hospital were enrolled in this study . Demographic information included ( age , sex , occupation , residence ,and anatomical site of infection ) . The results showed that 68.78 % of cases were female while 31.21 % were male . Liver was the most commonly infected organ with prevalance of 68.15 % .The percentage of urban residents 72.38 % in compare with 27.38 % for rural residents . According to occupation , howsewives , were the hieghst prevalance 52.68 % .