The main purpose in this paper to improve the performance of the electrical power systems in Iraq being developed and thereby add to its value. In recent years, performance evaluation and analysis have become increasingly for any kind of projects and for both personal and equipments safety assessment. This paper presents efficient practical methods for performance improvement and enhancement based on scientific and practical fundamentals. Power stations play important role in performance calculations, the station elements are important factors in improving the quality and security of a power system taking into account the economic problems. Failures originating within a station can create significant electrical power system disturbances. Redundancy principle can be resulted in increasing design complexity through difficult in load distribution equally between redundant systems and increased costs through additional weight and space. Full benefit is resulting of studying the connection bus-bar scheme, if the incoming and outgoing circuits are distributed evenly on the sections of bus - bars. The main reasons for grounding the neutral points to limit over voltages, different types of ground fault currents and to permit the application of suitable ground fault relaying. Transient stability enhancement is the fold of transient stability object that means suggestion of various enhancing methods to improve or augment electrical power system transient stability. Programs and graphics are executed using MATLAB Vol . 7 and Excel programs.