The possibility of the adoption of technical benchmarking to determine the needs of continuous improvement and narrowing the gap in the performance of Iraq's economic units. Empirical Study


Projecting trying to find how to apply Benchmarking technique in the units of the Iraqi industrial business environment after its adoption effective technique for improving the ongoing performance of economic units in Iraq and through exposure to great interest in and adoption of today's corporate environment based on the intense competition between the units as a result of international integration of markets goods and capital and the erosion of the impact of barriers between different countries and through exposure to great interest in the units apply, and how to integrate principles of units, and then clarify the strong interdependence between them and the building entrances to the continuous improvement of performance and improve competitive advantage, leading up to the rank of a distinct kind of performance that fulfills customer satisfaction, lead to performance aim of Eeconomic units, also because the attention of management technology to influence profitability and its competitive position and market share in the belief that continuous improvement of products is the most important elements of competitive advantage for units providing products has led researchers to focus on the nature of the technology,. This research came to give a presentation on the reasons supporting the application of this technique in providing products and units within the Iraqi industrial units, including serving reasons for use, the aim of highlighting the relationship between the possession of the continuous improvement and the development of competitive advantage according to which the units of reference approved the application of technology to reduce the gap in performance between them and the units competition.