The acquisition of quality requirements in the new system configuration for the D institutes in physical education and sports A comparative study between the University and the University of Oran, Mostaganem


We have adopted the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on a new system and a new structure in the planning of education at the university level in all disciplines, relying on what is known as a system for MD or a system of Bachelor, Master, PhD, and which give the composition a new impetus and vision different from what it was In the past, aimed at improving the quality of education in the various stages and ensure competition in the labor market, has placed what is known as configuration and special offers in different areas and in different specialties and allowed the door to open branches in order to open offers training as needed and necessary. The physical education and sports between the branches that have benefited from the presentations and the pioneering work of the system's new MD at the level of Algeria Vmend 2004 opened a branch formation in the field of physical education, sports training, conditioning and motor activity. At the University of Abd al-Hamid Ben Badis Bmstganm, which is the leader in this section is on the national level, and that is at the doctoral level.This jump you need to pause calendar objective to study the weaknesses and identified in order to redress and strengths in order to strengthen and this depending on the agreed criteria allow us to know the quality of education at the Institute of Physical Education and sports, and it came this study, students branch of physical education and sports training sports, student-sufficient as a first stage only and the associated terms of courses, selection, the cost of training, the proportion of their willingness to teach, and Daftém for education to other questions related to student Tarahin the following question:- Is training in physical education and sports in the new system for MD responds to the requirements of total quality?Keywords: composition, physical education, the system, for the D, quality.