Prevelance study of both H. nana and Enterobius vermicularis among primary and secondary school students and people in Basrah Province .


The examination of 760 feces samples collected from children of primary and secondary school during the period from January 2004 till June 2004 of center and outside of Basrah province revealed low incidence with Hymenolepis nana 3.9% . The average of ages group was 6 – 17 years old and for both sexes(374 males and 386 females). The direct G.S.E. and flotation methods were used. The present study shows a high significant differences between males and females. High rate of infection was recorded in age group 13 – 16 years old and in crowded families and those who drink tap water and live in mud and blocks made houses.The examination of 174 stool samples of adhesive tape collected from people of some families in Basrah during the period from July 2004 till December 2004 revealed 19.5% of infection with E. vermicularis. The present study includes 101 sample collected from city center and 73 sample from outside of Basrah province . The average of age group was 1 – 40 years old for both sexes (98 males and 76 females). A high infection recorded during the winter months. A high significant was recorded between males and females, moreover high infection was found at school age groups.