Effect of media composition (carbon and nitrogen sources) on the production of bioemulsifier from Serratia marcescens S10


he effect of different cultural conditions on production of bioemulsifier from Serratia marcescens S10 was determined; different carbon and nitrogen sources were used such as: different oils include: edible (vegetable) oils (olive oil, sesame oil, sun flower oil and corn oil) and heavy oils (oil 150, oil 60, oil 40) as carbon sources and (NH4Cl, casein, (NH4)2SO4, peptone, tryptone, gelatin and yeast extract) as nitrogen sources were added to production media. Bioemulsifier was estimated by measuring the surface tension (S.T), emulsification activity (E.A) and emulsification index (E24%). The best results of bioemulsifier production from Serratia marcescens S10 were obtained at pH8 and incubated at 37ºC for 5days, using sesame oil as carbon source: surface tension (S.T) was reduced from 67 to 41 mN/m and with emulsification index (E24%) of 92% and emulsification activity (E.A) 0.3 and when used ammonium sulfate as nitrogen source: highest results for the isolate S10: S.T was decreased from 67 mN/m to 24 mN/m, E24% = 88%, E.A = 0.28.