The Importance of Uric Acid and Catalase as antioxidants in Diabetic Subjects


This study was designed to show the hazards of hyperglycemia on antioxidants level in diabetic subjects (type 2) and put lights on the importance of uric acid as scavenging compound in diabetic subjects. The study was conducted at the Department of Physiology, College of Medicine in Al Mustansyria University. A total of 30 healthy individuals were enrolled as a control group in this study with 33 diabetic subjects of type 2 DM.Uric acid and catalase enzymes were measured in both groups. The level of catalase was significantly lower in diabetic subjects than in control p < 0.01. Also the uric acid was significantly lower in diabetic subjects than the controls P < 0.05.It has been regarded that hyperglycemia is the principle factor in reducing the level of uric acid and catalase enzyme in the plasma of our diabetic subjects which both are regarded as part of defense mechanism against the increase in oxidative stress associated with hyperglycemia