Aspects of life in the requirements of civil society during the era of the message


The provision of aspects of the requirements of different life in the new civil society during the era of the message to be essential humans sought to obtain them passable so the various ways correct it reaches the end of the day to its main goal, especially after receiving a lot of Quranic verses and Hadiths urging work and earn money I'm In addition to granting economic freedom in all fields of operation, has been touched by this research to various aspects of the requirements of life such as food and drinks, mats, clothing, and manifestations of decorations, and the requirements of public life, such as markets for doing business, and places of treatment, and places throw dirt, and massacres, and to places where needed, and cemeteries, have been the subject of these requirements to the laws of the Islamic religion in terms of identifying specific permissible and quality of the forbidden for the purpose of establishment of civil society clean free from sin and vice, and through my study of the topic of the requirements of life in civil society during the era of the message has been reached the following results: In the area of food and clothing, mattresses, and manifestations of adornment, it was an extension of the pre-Islamic era, but they Nho some species that are not consistent with the principles of Islamic religion, but in the markets to do business, there have been a specialty, there are markets for the sale of foods , and markets for the sale of animals and others, and these markets systems approach to the Islamic economic weights and measures, and forbidding sales of ignorance to eliminate cases of fraud and injustice which might damage the children of the community, as highlighted in the new society the profession printing and fostering the learning of the medical profession because of their great importance in maintaining the health of members of the society, and in the area of interest in matters of health and maintain the cleanliness of the community, has identified public places to throw dirt, and the massacres of the slaughter of animals, and places to eliminate the need and bury the dead